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    CAD Converter™ SCADA Software

    Video Surveillance Integration for single-application Facility Management ControlMaestro’s development facilitators are modules to accelerate development while reducing cost and human error. They were created to optimize engineering time, by ELUTIONS qualified and trained engineers. These development facilitators include application generators, tag importers/generators and application Audit tools.

    CAD Converter™
    ControlMaestro’s CAD Converter is a very powerful tool to convert AutoCAD® and any *.DXF building drawings into ControlMaestro Facility Management applications (BMS/FMS) for Building Automation. The software automatically creates images, animations, tags and alarms in ControlMaestro, saving hundreds of hours of engineering. It is most valuable for the development of new BMS/FMS applications (e.g. a busy System Integrator can create multiple projects), and/or for the maintenance of constantly-evolving complex applications (e.g. airports, hospitals, etc.) which can be modified “on the fly”.