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    ControlMaestro 2018 is released!

    [Lyon, FR – 2018-06-01] — Elutions, the provider of the ControlMaestro™ multi-sector and multi-business software solution which enables the collection, management, centralisation and trending of industrial process data announces the release of the new version of its ControlMaestro 2018 SCADA software package.

    Focusing on industry 4.0 tendencies with a philosophy of meeting customer demands by giving them a true view of their processes and facilities, ControlMaestro 2018 offers key evolutions in terms of mobility, security, productivity and performance.

    Mobility and Evolution of Communication Media
    In addition to compatibility with the latest operating systems (Windows Server 2016, Windows 10 multi-language 64-bit) and latest Internet Explorer (edge, safari etc), ControlMaestro 2018 offers a new Integrated HTML5 Graphical User Visualization Service Interface called Maestro Aditum™.

    The evolution of communication methods, supported by the evolution of technologies have given rise to the notion of Mobility, Cloud, Big Data and IoT, accelerating the need to acquire targeted data almost instantaneously, from anywhere, and to be able to control and understand them just as quickly. To meet these needs, ControlMaestro now integrates an interface that can be run on the latest operating systems as well as existing mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

    In addition to being compatible with these devices, the new Maestro Aditum module will allow users who want to convert old images formats to HTML5 to remove the dependency with Java applets, offering the possibility to use a more secure and optimized technology.

    Through a Web Client, a ControlMaestro application can also run on HMI panels/touch screens in order to act intuitively in real time in close proximity to equipment.

    Increased Security
    By integrating a newer and more reliable technology (vs. ActiveX ...), this version removes existing browser security issues related to the use of XML, Java and other technologies exploited by hackers. By focusing on features that HTML5 provides, ControlMaestro 2018 enhances secure communication of encrypted data transfer.

    Engineering Productivity and Performance
    All data and alarms (real time and historical) are accessible through SQL server database or through open standard interfaces of Client/Server type (OPC UA, OPC DA, OPC AE, OPC HDA, ODBC link).

    The CM2018 OPC UA Client now provides timestamped history value at source. The timestamp is tagged directly by the device to obtain more accurate information, to enable historical data to be collected every millisecond to obtain a reliable chronology of past events.

    The CM2018 OPC HDA Client, which will also be integrated into the version in a few weeks, will be able to retrieve data from OPC HDA servers in order to store them.

    The OPC UA Server, also being integrated, will allow access to ControlMaestro tags directly through the protocol and provide information to the OPC UA server, removing the dependency on a third-party utilities or specific APIs.

    Finally, the CM18 .NET Toolkit has been updated to provide the new methods used by this language generation, offering an additional possibility of opening the software platform to third-party functionalities.

    Highly appreciated by automation engineers, ControlMaestro integrates (since its previous version) an application audit tool called ELUManager allowing, with a simple click, to scan the entire existing application and generate an analysis report listing all ControlMaestro modules and to ensure their optimal operation.

    Committed to Customer Success
    For more than 30 years, the ControlMaestro SCADA solution, also known by its former name Wizcon, occupies a prominent place in the supervision and control of equipment, by its ability to interface with all equipment and business systems with a reliable and robust industrial process automation solution.

    Elutions ensures backward compatibility between all versions, from Wizcon™ (9 generations) to ControlMaestro (in its 7th generation). To continue supporting these older applications that are still running many critical processes (some for more than 20 years) but are facing on-site aging equipment and system issues, Elutions has launched an extensive incentive programme to support these clients in the modernisation of their applications in order to control the growing risks of sudden breakdowns or process interruptions.

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    About Elutions
    Elutions prepares customers to meet the competitive challenges of the future, achieve cost savings and synergies through end-to-end connectivity, machine learning and real-time automated operational optimisation.

    Turnkey solutions using proprietary Elutions technologies leverage uninterrupted connectivity with equipment, analysis and control to drive enterprise intelligence, visualisation and process optimisation in real time.
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