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    Advanced Security

    Video Surveillance Integration for single-application Facility Management ControlMaestro enables the integration of video surveillance streams for all-in-one Facility Management applications. This is done via a connector option in ControlMaestro and the purchase of Genetec’s Omnicast software. The choice of hardware (video cameras) is open: brand, technology (analog or IP), legacy or new.

    ControlMaestro uses ActiveX controls to integrate Genetec’s Omnicast™, a powerful IP-based video management system. This enables ControlMaestro to provide native support for video streams, an open distributed IT architecture, as well as the capability to display/manage a Virtual Matrix (up to 32 image streams), control the camera (PTZ pan/tilt/zoom), instant replay, record and access archive, and alarm management. Additionally, Video Analytics technologies enable detection of objects, humans, animals and abnormal activity.

    Audit Trail
    This module enables the development of applications that comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11 security norms. It is used to track user actions, user management actions, and group management actions. In ControlMaestro, its scope has been expanded four times to track more than 30 possible items.

    LDAP connectivity to Active Directory
    This module is used to achieve secure, enterprise-level, centralized user management using a connection to a Microsoft Active Directory.

    Strong multi-factor user authentication via biometry or smartcards
    From version 9.4 onward, ControlMaestro enables using fingerprint scanners and/or USB tokens to add extra factors of protection when authenticating users during login. This helps protect mission-critical assets and processes.