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    Technical Norms and Standards

    Elutions is based on innovative technologies respecting the norms and standards imposed by the industry to open its products to field equipment and third party applications.

    Elutions' SCADA solution offers many standard communication protocols to facilitate interoperability and enable dialogue with equipment of any type (PLCs...) in the standards business.

    >> Compliance with CoDeSys IEC 61131-31 standard
    ControlMaestro's CoDeSys complete soft logic and/or soft-control solution enables developing PC-based discrete control logic programs and enables creating scripts and enhanced process control programs in the ControlMaestro application.

    >> Compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part11 standard
    ControlMaestro helps you comply with each point of the Food and Drug Administration regulations that provides criteria for electronic records, electronic signatures and handwritten signatures. All your application recorded data is protected and secure, thus preventing from any falsification.

    >> Compliance with BACnet standard
    Elutions is member of the BACnet Interest Group, animated by the desire to answer efficiently the ISO 16484-5 Technical Building Management System (BMS) dominant standard throught its robust solution. All the BACnet key concepts (devices, objects, properties, alarms and events) are natively integrated.


    - B-AWS: ControlMaestro is BACnet Advanced Workstation certified, the highest level of certification.
    - PICS: ControlMaestro has always benefit of an excellent 'Protocol Implementation Conformance Statement' profile and has always be fully compliant to B-OWS standard.
    - Interoperable: ControlMaestro supports over 270 equipment suppliers worldwide.