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    Elutions launches new SCADA Platform: ControlMaestro 2015

    The 2015 ControlMaestro SCADA software version dedicated to control and production monitoring is now available!

    This multi-industry platform (Buildings (BMS), Water & Environment, Transport and Industries Infrastructures, Chemical, Energy, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage...) and multi-business (Supervision Process for Building Infrastructure, Technical Building Management, Security ...) offers a global view of an organisation to enable Operators and Managers to benefit from an efficient and real-time management solution to improve their competitive edge.

    With its efficient HMI and various advanced modules (trend curves, events, recipes, alarms, calendar, historical ...) ControlMaestro provides powerful management tools for facilities and equipment by opening a path towards energy optimisation which can be complimented by our Maestro solution.

    With nearly 30 years of Industrial IT expertise, Elutions continues to provide an efficient response to industry business needs whose priority is to manage and optimise different networks and infrastructure processes safely.

    For more information about this new product release, contact Elutions' Marketing team: .