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    Building Management System

    ELUTIONS’ Operational Business Intelligence Solutions offers attractive prospective in terms of energy efficiency and asset management for large buildings and multiple facilities.

    These complementary solutions of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), energy management (BMS, Smart Building) and measurement proposed by ELUTIONS meet the specific needs of managers and operators of commercial and industrial buildings, infrastructures or communities.

    To do this, Elutions joins and provides to recognised experts in the world of General Services software solutions capable to collect and centralize key data necessary for an optimal and most cost-effective property management. Reports provide detailed information about consumption and use of utilities which allow for the following:
    • Efficiency of operations, cost control and billing,
    • Management of all vital building functions (lighting, heating, etc...),
    • Real-time building information and control from anywhere,
    • High security: protect people, equipment, information and investment,
    • Lower service costs: efficient personnel management,
    • Control costs: optimize utilities usage via accurate reporting,
    • Scheduling for service optimization and cost savings,
    • Communicate freely: easy connection to remote equipment,
    • Lower client’s total cost of ownership,
    • ...
    From maintenance of buildings and facilities to users services, Elutions helps customers to improve the services quality in a process of costs rationalization and assists them in the implementation of a property management more preventive than reactive.