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    Technical transport infrastructure

    Expert in the development of mission critical applications, ControlMaestro control the operation of all facilities and systems to ensure the safety of goods and users.

    Whatever the mode of transport (car, train, plane or boat) and the nature of what is transported (passenger, freight or cattle), the challenge is to track and monitor in real time the various networks and nodes existing to deal with different events going on all infrastructure:
    • Road network (motorways, tunnels),
    • Rail network,
    • Waterways,
    • Port infrastructure,
    • Airports,
    • etc...
    Instant communication with PLCs and equipment contributes in improving installations efficiency, processes and operations, and to obtain status information to be able to take the necessary decisions.

    ControlMaestro optimises the operation and maintenance of transport infrastructure through an open and scalable SCADA architecture exploiting Internet technology.