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    Elutions offers solutions for optimising plant operations & Facilities Process Management in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and other industries to support safe, stable, and highly efficient plant operations.

    Elutions SCADA Automation and services solutions helps managing utilities, lower service costs and significantly increase customer satisfaction and profits.
    ControlMaestro enables to visualise the internal state of a plant process and make near-term predictions on plant behaviour to improve plant safety and strengthen competitiveness by making plants more efficient.
    Based on real-time manufacturing process information, the operators are immediately alerted of potential localised problems to maintain the security and the performance of the site(s).
    Process control, Traceability, Stock control, Centralised remote management, Energy generation, Production, Distribution networks, Metering, Pumping, Shut-down systems, Security: Access control, biometrics, video/CCTV, fire alarms... Controlmaestro manages all vital functions and brings efficiency in control to new levels and enables deployment of new management strategies.

    In parallel, Elutions offers a dedicated Energie Management solution to facilitate the operational management of energy and develop energy efficiency projects.

       Markets served:
       • Utilities Automation and Control
       • Facilities Management
       • Power and Energy
       • Water and Waste
       • Transportation
       • Environmentally-friendly, green
       and more…