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    MaestroImperium™ SCADA Platform

    The modern world is entering a Fourth Industrial Revolution – a paradigm shift in the way people live and the way corporations operate, driven by the fusion of the physical and digital worlds, highlighting the need for modern supervisory control software.

    Elutions’ New Innovative SCADA Platform runs as a Microsoft Windows™ Service, natively operates on .NET technology and offers a robust SCADA environment unmatched by other SCADA technologies. With an intuitive HTML5 graphical interface, the platform offers an unprecedented user experience, ensuring customer security and flexibly meeting the current and future needs of the market:
    • Unlimited Tag Licensing Capability,
    • Fully Customizable,
    • Plug-and-Play Migration Services,
    • Central Brokerage Service Structure for Streamlined Computing,
    • Flexible and Scalable Scripting Capabilities,
    • Advanced Highly Configurable Security Protocols.
    MaestroImperium features new advanced supervisory control solutions, utilizing modern coding and advanced industry expertise to build a robust solution, enabling advanced digitization.