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    ControlMaestro™ SCADA Software

    ControlMaestro is an advanced software development platform with an emphasis on site-wide supervision, automation, and process control.

    ELUTIONS' ControlMaestro automation software provides an advanced end-to-end solution for site-wide business automation by bringing together unparalleled Web performance for remote services and the most desired application benefits including engineering productivity, security, and wireless mobility.

    Beyond the traditional SCADA supervisory visualization, communication and control functionality, ControlMaestro also provides advanced performance Web-enabled remote access and control, secured enterprise architecture, enhanced engineering development productivity, user mobility, and wireless wide-area control to reduce costs and improve services. All the software tools needed to build a complete and powerful automation application as well as everything that's typically expected of a professional Control, HMI and SCADA solution are provided:
    • Discrete control and process,
    • Data acquisition,
    • Alarming,
    • Visualization,
    • Centralization and distribution of information,
    • Complete reporting,
    • Local HMI,
    • Web-enabled remote access full information and control, anytime, anywhere,
    • Open Supervision, standards-based more than 160 drivers: OPC, industrial protocols, building protocols, PLCs, device manufacturers...,
    • Complete, reliable, and highly scalable.
    With ControlMaestro, the supervision now shows unprecedented automation performances and the vital processes control on the scale of the site!